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Meet the Marketing Prodigy, nabeel ashrafi

Our vision is to become a hub for kick starting online businesses and working with them at every step to foster growth and help achieve their milestones to drive the success they aspire to accomplish in the most efficient and relentless manner possible.

Admextech is a digital marketing and website development firm. We have more than 20+ experts trained to deliver state-of-the-art website solutions which not talks to your customers, but convince them to sign-up and make a purchase.

Blue Hat Web Works is a combined effort of a number of prodigies. It focuses on developing websites, performing PPC Campaign marketing and providing Virtual Assistance to teams worldwide. The aim is to groom digital businesses.

Observing the developing needs of individuals, we found out that a promos and coupon based website can help motivate audiences to make purchases. The website focuses on bringing the best deals in town to its customers. Visit the website. Checkout what’s hot!

With the rise of e-commerce platform and online shopping, I created an e-commerce store to sell amazing ladies handbags at an affordable price range. And what do you know? It turned out to be a thriving success in the long run.

Ashrafi International is a reliable brand name on the market. Through Ashrafi International, I provide consultancy for developing stable and robust online stores via ebay, Amazon or their personal e-commerce website.

Up to 10+ Partnership Projects on the side.

Projects in the Pipeline

Interested to know where I am planning to make investments in the coming days? Here are some additional projects we are about to launch.

Educational Programs

Online Portal for Teacher Search

Montessori Schooling

eCommerce Programs

Online Bookstore

Online Baby Item store

Online Gift Store

Online Grocery Store

Tourism Programs

Travel Agency Portal

Additional Programs

Car Inspection Website

Entrepreneurship/Startup Program – Coworking.